STEM - Beachy's Shed

Les Beacham had a passion for hands on learning. Starting with a 6 x 4 trailer onsite we quickly moved to a shed. Now Beachy’s Shed is a wonderful resource for our students to learn STEM. Aided by a large Grant from the federal government in 2019, we were able to double the size of the shed to accommodate the school growth. Unfortunately Les passed shortly after the build, however, his name remains on the building as does the purpose…

Woodworking in the Kids Shed has become a favorite activity throughout the school. The Robotics, Science, Construction, measuring, cooking / gardening  and problem-solving that goes on in the shed assists students in all their other classes. The Kids Shed provides our students with creative opportunities and growth that assists them in many areas of the Australian Curriculum.

Gordon Primary School has a purpose-built shed and learning space to run this highly engaging program. Activities that involve child, family, school and wider community are a focus to ensure student and community needs are met.

A wonderful hands-on learning opportunity for our students that is fun, engaging and beneficial for the whole community.