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Cowan, Russel                   Principal’s Welcome

Thankyou for taking the time to visit our website. Our team at Gordon PS hope you will find the information contained at this site helpful in understanding the educational opportunities we have to offer. We welcome feedback and would be pleased to provide you with additional information, and a personal tour at your request.

Gordon Primary School, established in 1882, is located in the township of Gordon, which is a 20min drive east of the Ballarat Post Office. The school has unique grounds and a long, rich history that has been reflected in the architecture of the main building and it’s surrounds.

We offer a curriculum that engages all students by offering pathways that meet a diverse range of learning needs. We also offer an exemplary Languages Other Than English (LOTE) program for students from Prep to Year 6, individualised programs for students with special learning needs, extension programs for high achieving students, and most of all we offer a teaching and learning program that is responsive to the needs of individual students. At each year level, we undertake extensive assessment of reading, spelling, writing and numeracy to enable us to teach your children from their individual point of need. This is a genuine focus for us because we understand the importance of knowing and understanding your children and their learning needs and providing them with plans and opportunities that meet their individual needs. As part of this program we provide our students with further specialist programs and opportunities in Art, Science, Environmental studies, Kitchen Garden and Music. Programs like this allow us to provide our students with the necessary skills for success in this constantly changing world.

We have a comprehensive Physical Education and Sports Program which is undertaken by all students and offers them the opportunity to not only improve personal health and fitness, but to take part in local and inter-school sporting competitions. In conjunction with this we have a Swimming Program for all students, conducted in partnership with the local swim school and our Physical Education Teaching and Support staff.

We are a positive, stimulating, supportive, motivating, well resourced and engaging environment where the school community is productive in their pursuit of knowledge, skills and understandings as lifelong learners. If you would like to join our community, please contact us today.

Russel Cowan



Students at Gordon Primary School are taught to point of need.  We have a wonderful record of improving student outcomes at all levels.

  Please click on the following link to view our yearly curriculum plans.

Whole School Curriculum 



We accept enrolments at any Grade Level throughout the year. New students are encouraged to come and spend time at our school prior to starting so they can get to know other students. All new enrolments are given a buddy to support them in their transition. Tours are available at any time by calling the school on 53689223. Information Packs are also available.

What age does my child need to enroll?

Children are seen to be ready for school when they have reached the chronological age for entry as established by the state. To start primary school in Victoria, children need to turn five years of age by 30 April of the year that they start school. Children must be at school in the year that they turn six years of age – this is the compulsory school starting age. Exceptions to this can be made.

Tips For Parents Starting Prep


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Gordon Primary School Staff 2022


Principal – Mr Russel Cowan Cowan, Russel
Grade Prep / foundation– Ms Jaymie Haire
Grade One  – Mrs Castles

Grade Two  – Ms Rosewarne


Grade Three – Mr Walters


Grade Four / Five  – Mrs Lambourn


Grade Four / Five – Ms Howard
Grade Six – Mrs Searle
PE / Health / S.T.E.M – Mr Renfree






Educational Support – Kath Stasse
Educational Support – Linda Maat
Business Manager – Carol Stevens
School Tutor – Laura Dykman
OHSC coordinator Kathy Thomson
OHSC Nenka Guyer