We are excited to announce that we are continuing our work with the Dogs Connect Program in 2022.

We encourage families to view more information on the program if they would like to at

Our school dog ARLO has been introduced to the whole school community. Our students have been working well alongside of Arlo. Arlo is a 6 month-old Groodle and has the most beautiful, gentle nature. As a Dogs Connect School Wellbeing Dog, ARLO works to bring wellbeing benefits to all he encounters within the Gordon PS community.

Dogs Connect was first set up in school communities throughout Victoria. Wellbeing dogs are now in over 100 schools and all of them have spoken of improved attendance and an openness to learn since their dog joined the community. Students and staff are happier and they have noticed less anxiety among their community. There is increasing evidence about how a well-trained dog can help in a whole range of settings. Scientific evidence shows that being near a dog can reduce stress and anxiety and decrease the heart rate.

For children, animals can help with emotional regulation, social connection and communication. They can help engage students in many curriculum areas by supporting children in feeling less self-conscious than they may feel around teachers and peers.

In adults, dogs can help with trauma, anxiety, the escalation cycle, leadership and communication. They can build empathy, awareness of others and self, increase social regulation and decrease reactivity.

Everyone  loves having Arlo on site, we look forward to sharing the journey with you all.